Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program

Does this sound like you?

You are tired and exhausted all the time.

Relaxing is difficult for you and you often feel stressed and anxious.

You feel scattered and unable to focus.

You forget what it feels like to have fun and enjoy life.

Sick of your daily routine and feel bored about life.

Not knowing what your passion is.

Everyone comes to you with their problems.

You are unable to let go of worries and pain.

The Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program can change this. 


Imagine feeling this way instead:

I feel so peaceful and I am grateful for my life at this moment.

Life has ups and downs, and I trust myself to make the best choices for myself.

I feel present and focused.

I feel loved and fulfilled. 

I am finding so many more soulful connections and true friendships in life.

All of the past pains and concerns are not haunting me anymore. I am able to let all those hurtful things go more and more now.

I am grateful for the strengths of my body and how connected to nature I am.

I feel empowered being myself.

I feel how sacred I am.

I love being able to heal myself.

I can offer energetic healing to others. 

Supporting and healing ourselves first enhances our vitality and self-love to create the changes we want in life.


I have created meditation classes and healing teachings called the  Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program to learn new pathways of connecting with the energetics of your mind, body and spirit to bring you into wholeness, freedom, and a deep awareness of love/spirit. Intuitive and Alchemical Healing is exactly what energetically sensitive people need to overcome the challenges of feeling overwhelmed and depleted. They can live in the richness and excitement of a deeper awareness to their own energetic healing potential. This is when the magic in life gets bigger.  Then, you can start offering intuitive and alchemical healing with safe boundaries, vision, feeling, knowing, and more to others.

Personal experience has taught me all of this, I am very energetically sensitive. In my younger years, I questioned life and why it had to feel so terrible. I wondered why everyone had to be so horrible. Honestly, in my early twenties, it did not seem to matter if I was alive or not. Thanks to my Native American Art Professor, I started studying meditation and energetic healing techniques.

In 1996, my professor shared beautiful stories about how art is created by the energy people see and feel, and how he and his family could see energy and spirits. I was transfixed by his stories because when I was a little girl, I experienced energies and spirits too. When class ended, I went up to my professor and shared with him the stories of what I had seen and felt as a child. He offered the name of a meditation and healing school close by. Within a month, I was taking my first meditation class.

After a year of meditation and healing classes, I started the clairvoyant training program. This is how life finally started making sense, and started being sacred. With over two decades of learning energetic healing techniques and sacred experiences from around the world, I have a love for life and an infinite amount of tools to grab from my energetic toolbox. When met with any of life's confusions and concerns, I am grateful for my daily practices that create strength from my sensitivities.  I love life, and this is because of my self love, which is comes from all the intuitive and alchemical healing I have done.

To find out more about the Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program, and talk with me about its possibilities for you, schedule a time to talk with me. 

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