Does This Sound Like You?

You are tired and exhausted all the time.

Relaxing is extremely difficult for you and you often feel stressed and anxious.

You feel scattered and unable to focus.

Sick of your daily routine and feel bored about life.

Not knowing what your passion is.

Everyone comes to you with their problems.

You are unable to let go of worries and pain.

The Energy Healing Course can change this. 

Imagine feeling this way instead:

I feel peaceful and I am grateful for my life at this exact moment.

Life has ups and downs, and I trust myself to make the best choices for myself.

I feel present and focused.

I feel loved and fulfilled. 

I am finding so many more soulful connections and true friendships in life.

All of the past pains and concerns are not haunting me anymore. I am able to let all those hurtful things go more and more now.

I am grateful for the strengths of my body and how connected to nature I am.

I feel empowered being myself.

I feel how sacred I am.

I love being able to heal myself.

I can offer energetic healing to others. 

Supporting and healing ourselves first enhances our vitality and self-love to create the changes we want.

Let's Heal

The Energy Healing Course begins with Living In Alchemy, these are profound tools and major fundamentals for seeing, feeling, and connecting with Source and your energetic systems for healing. The next class, Deeper Self Love, takes you deep inside your cells and all the matrices of your body and spirit for a greater awareness and healing of your energetic and physical systems. Ascended Masters, Guidance, and Reiki begins with classes on connecting with Ascended Masters and Arch Angels, and ends with a weekend retreat receiving more teachings on safe, high vibrational guidance, Reiki Attunements to the Master Level, and teachings on Reiki hands on Healing. The Energy Healing Course ends with a Clairvoyant and Hands On Healing week long retreat. You will learn tools and ethics around Clairvoyance, and how to incorporate all the Clairvoyant skills you have acquired from the earlier classes into holding a profound healing space for hands on and distance healing. Learn how Clairvoyance is an extraordinary healing tool when held through a loving space, I call it 'Beloved's Eye Awareness'.