Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program and Practitioners Certification

Greetings Intuitive and Energetically Sensitive Woman, this is a Sacred Space for You.
Time to unravel the old programming of pain, and transform everything into your highest source of joy and love to live life as the gift it truly is.

The Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program is created for energetically sensitive people who know there is magic in life, but have a hard time feeling it. Learn how to connect into your energetic systems as you transform pain and stagnation into clear pathways of vibrancy. Your sensitivity to life can be your gift instead of your burden.  

Does this sound like you?

You are tired and exhausted all the time, and life feels so hard.

Relaxing is difficult, you feel stressed and anxious throughout the day.

You feel scattered and unable to focus, making you wonder why you can not seem to get things together.

You forget what it feels like to have fun and enjoy life.

Sick of your daily routine and feel bored in life.

Everyone comes to you with their problems, and no one is there for you.


 Imagine feeling this way instead:

Even though life may not be perfect, I am at peace and feel grateful for my life and all the gifts offered to me.

Life has ups and downs, and I trust myself to make the best choices for myself.

I feel present and focused, making my life experiences productive and full of abundance.

I feel loved and fulfilled, so each day is a journey to explore. 

I am finding more soulful connections and true friendships where we respect each other's boundaries, so I no longer feel depleted in relationships.

All of the past pains and concerns have stopped haunting me. I am able to let all those hurtful things go more and more.

I love being able to heal myself, it is so important for my self-love and self-esteem.

The Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program begins with Living In Alchemy, these are profound tools and major fundamentals for seeing, feeling, and connecting with Source and your energetic systems for healing. The next class, Deeper Self Love, takes you deep inside your cells and all the matrices of your body and spirit for a greater awareness and healing of your energetic and physical systems. Ascended Masters, Guidance, and Reiki begins with classes on connecting with Ascended Masters and Arch Angels, and ends with a weekend retreat receiving more teachings on safe, high vibrational guidance, Reiki Attunements to the Master Level, and teachings on Reiki hands on Healing. The Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program ends with a Clairvoyant and Hands On Healing week long retreat. You will learn tools and ethics around Clairvoyance, and how to incorporate all the Clairvoyant skills you have acquired from the earlier classes into holding a profound healing space for hands on and distance healing. Learn how Clairvoyance is an extraordinary healing tool when held through a loving space, I call it 'Beloved's Eye Awareness'.

 Reiki Master and Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Certificates will be given after attunements and each corresponding training.


I am very energetically sensitive, and in my younger years, this gift was challenging. I questioned life, why did it have to feel so terrible. I wondered why everyone had to be so horrible to each other. In my early twenties, I was extremely depressed, life felt pointless, and it did not seem to matter if I was alive or not. Thanks to my Native American Art Professor, who inspired me to study meditation, energetic healing, and psychic training, the miserable state of being transformed.

In 1996, my professor shared beautiful stories about art being created by the energy people see and feel, and how he and his family could see energy and spirits. I was transfixed by his stories because when I was a little girl, I experienced energies and spirits too. When class ended, I went up to my professor and shared with him the stories of what I had seen and felt as a child. He offered the name of a meditation, healing, and psychic school close by. Within a month, I was taking my first meditation class.

After a year and a half of meditation and healing classes, I started the clairvoyant training program. Life finally started making sense, and became more and more sacred. With over two decades of learning energetic healing techniques and potent healing experiences from around the world, I have a love for life and an infinite amount of tools to grab from my energetic toolbox. When met with any of life's confusions and concerns, I am resourced by the energy I connect into. My love for life and myself is deepened everyday by my intuitive and alchemical healing practice. This daily practice of self healing/meditation creates strength from my sensitivities.