Beloved's Eye

Some of the topics you will learn and practice are:

  • Setting your energy in a safe way while you open up to receive psychic information.
  • Creating a Sacred Healing Space for yourself and the person receiving a reading.
  • Awareness of compassion, love, and bringing in the Big Love through your vision (Beloved’s Eye).
  • Making sure you have permission to look into all aspects of a client's energies (other lifetimes, ancestry, physical, emotional, ties/cords, and where they come from).
  • How is the grounding?
  • How is the Aura?
  • How are each of the Chakras?
  • Looking at Karma
  • Connecting into the Quantum/Infinite Field for more awareness
  • The Akashic Records
  • Learning how to ask for guides and angels to connect with us to assist in a reading 
  • What colors and images are showing up? How to decipher the symbols
  • Connecting ancestors and beloved dead

A commitment of one year in The Beloved's Eye Clairvoyant and Psychic Training Class is requested, and the class container is open for a longer length of study if desired. We will meet two times per month and you are encouraged to join the monthly Master Level Guide Meditation and Attunement Class. Your Inner Sage and Your Inner Mystic are prerequisites for Beloved's Eye.


Monthly payment for this class includes the two classes and a monthly meditation/attunement from an Ascended Master or ArchAngel.

Here is the link for more information on The Energy Healing Experience.

Soul Gratitude

Beloved's Eye

Beloved's Eye is an adventure and a sacred commitment to expand your intuitive senses and psychic abilities. Knowing first hand that the 'Claires' (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognition, and more) can be learned through study and practice, the Beloved's Eye Class creates space for you to grow and deepen into these gifts. Just like learning a musical instrument, language, or basically anything, we build our skills through training and practice. I believe we are all born with innate wisdom and sensitivities, and when we create space to connect more with our gifts, we deepen into them. 

We will begin each class with a meditation to clear our own energies and connect in with our highest selves and deepest grounding place. We will set the space in a sacred way for the benefit of all in the reading process. We will take turns doing clairvoyant and other psychic readings on one another. So FUN!!!