Clairvoyant and Hands On Healing, Week Long Retreat, Class 4

Soul Gratitude

Clairvoyant and Hands On Healing, Week Long Retreat, Class 4

During this week long retreat, we will be giving and receiving treatments, and  learning in a safe and sacred vessel. You will learn how to hold space for Clairvoyant Energetic Healing, and move into learning more Hands on Healing tools combined with Clairvoyance, and other psychic tools.  Some of the topics you will learn and practice are:
  • Making sure your energy is clear, centered, contained, and connected to Source.
  • Creating a Sacred Healing Space for yourself and the client.
  • Setting your energy at Gold or whatever makes you feel totally safe and held while you open up to receive psychic information.
  • Awareness of compassion, Love, and bringing in the Big Love through your vision (Beloved’s Eye).
  • Making sure you have permission to look into all aspects of a client's energies (other lifetimes, ancestry, physical, emotional, ties/cords and where they come from.
  • How is the grounding?
  • How is the Aura?
  • How are each of the Chakras?
  • What is showing up?  What colors, what images (asking your guidance what each color or image means)
  • Other Lives and possible Karma clearing
  • How to stop absorbing someone else's energy.
  • How to keep your energy from seeping into or flowing into someone else.  We can heal with Universal Infinite Love instead.
  • How to listen to the cells and organs of the body.
  • How to follow the lead of the client's higher self for their healing.

Receive the Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Certificate after training.

Retreats include lodging and meals.

Payment plans available.