Deeper Self Love, Part 1

Soul Gratitude

Deeper Self Love, Part 1

Ready to learn deep Energetic Healing through Love?

Deeper Self Love is it.

Through the maps of the your chakra system, other energetic connections to source, and a deeper awareness of your body as pure energy, learn how to clear stagnation and pain on all levels so you have more vitality throughout your days.

Learn energetic awareness with the intelligence of your cells, clear wounding from your lineages (Ancestor Healing), Be connected through your Divine Love, Be Your Truth, and Be Your Higher Self Embodied. This Source/Love connection gets filtered throughout all areas of your life, your intuition grows, and your positivity expands.

Learn how to infuse yourself with Source/Love in each layer of your physical energetic systems, beginning with organs and ending with atoms. Clear blockages on an energetic level for the physical to relieve patterns of stagnation felt in your everyday activities.

Connect with yourself throughout time and space at each age to clear pain from the past, and raise your empowerment and self love. Find the magical ways you create, manifest, transform, expand, heal, and love from to deepen the awareness of your highest self.

Learn how to connect with your endocrine system, nervous system, and more for sacred body healing. Through clairvoyant and other psychic healing experiences, I have come to believe that our spirits are totally infused, and one, with our bodies; therefore, when we heal any part of ourselves, it is reflected there (and throughout time and space). Learn how to heal through multiple dimensions, see how far you can reach, and how deeply you can heal yourself. 

This is a fun and profound 8 class series held every other week for about 4 months. 

- The group class is held on Zoom with a class instruction and guided meditation.

- The One-on-One Mentorship is personalized to you with a one hour treatment relating to the content of the class, ensuring you embody the teachings deeply. 

Payment Plans Available.