Your Inner Sage, Class One

Each class has a meditation based on the energy center and area of the body we are focused on.

Class 1 takes us deep into the Heart/Womb of the Earth, and teaches us how to be anchored there with our 'Soulseed'. Being held by the Heart/womb of the Earth nurtures and supports our human bodies, and helps magnetize our divinity into our bodies (embodiment). This is also a multidimensional place of being held and supported which is incredibly important for Empaths, Sensitives, Starseeds, and Angelics.

Class 2 takes us deep into the pelvic bowl, ‘medicine bowl’ for womb and ancestor connection and healing tools. The layers of magic and power of our wombs are felt.

Class 3 connects us with our flame of empowerment, our ‘soulshine center’. Here we receive a tool giving ourselves permission and love to show up through time and space as our highest selves in our supported power.

Class 4 teaches us how to create a personal healing tool from the unique frequency of our own love. we connect with our physical heart, energetic heart, and whole body systems with this self created healing tool.

Class 5 brings us more into our Divine Truth and focuses on the Thyroid, voice, window of the soul and other places in our highly sensitive neck. Also, bringing awareness and healing to the jaw and pelvis, voice and womb connection.

Class 6 brings us to the clearing and deepening awareness of our third eye. tools for clairvoyant enhancement are shared and practiced here.

Class 7 brings us to our inner soulful wisdom and wisdom of our endocrine system. The endocrine system is a very fast acting conduit of our divinity. learn how to clear and connect the endocrine system and embody yourself more deeply.

Class 8 is a Nervous System Tonic mediation to release anxiety, come into more peace, and to support your alignment and growth.

This 8 class series is held in a group on Zoom with class instructions and guided meditations from 4:30-6:00pm Pacific, 6:30-8:00pm Central, and 7:30-9:00pm Eastern.

March 19th and 26th

April 9th and 16th

May 7th and 14th

June 4th and 11th

Alternatively, there is the option of one-on-one mentorship personalized for you with a one-hour treatment relating to the content of the class, ensuring you embody the teachings deeply
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Soul Gratitude

Your Inner Sage, Class One

Ready to discover your deep energetic healing wisdom? Your Inner Sage is the first class on the path of the Intuitive Healing Studies Program. Through the maps of your chakra system, support from the heart of the Earth and your 'Higher Self', and a deeper awareness of your body as pure energy, learn how to clear stagnation and transmute pain into love so you can feel your innate wisdom and radiance more deeply.

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