The Energy Healing Experience,  A Hands-On Two Week Intensive Study

Some of the topics you will learn and practice are:

  • Making sure your energy is clear, centered, contained, and connected to a Source.
  • Creating a Sacred Healing Space for yourself and the client.
  • Setting your energy in a safe way while you open up to receive psychic information.
  • Awareness of compassion, love, and bringing in the Big Love through your vision (Beloved’s Eye).
  • Making sure you have permission to look into all aspects of a client's energies (other lifetimes, ancestry, physical, emotional, ties/cords, and where they come from).
  • Clearing Karma
  • Connecting into the Quantum/Infinite Field for healing
  • How is the grounding?
  • How is the Aura?
  • How is each of the Chakras?
  • What is showing up?  What colors, what images (asking your guidance what each color or image means).
  • How to stop absorbing someone else's energy.
  • How to keep your energy from seeping or flowing into someone else. 
  • How to listen to the cells and organs of the body.
  • How to follow the lead of the client's higher self for their healing.

The retreat location is TBA and will include wonderful lodging and organic meals. Full cost and dates TBA as well. $500 is the deposit.

After the completion of this two week learning experience and retreat, you will receive the Intuitive Energy Healing Course Certificate and Reiki Master Certificate.


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Soul Gratitude

The Energy Healing Experience, A Hands-On Two Week Intensive Study

Learn to trust your intuition and innate healing abilities even more from the Intuitive Energy Healing Retreat. By learning how to connect with Ascended Masters, Angelic Guidance, and Reiki Attunements, you will be able to feel, see, and know the frequencies of safe and powerful beings.