Nicole Love, Intuitive and Psychic Energy Healer and Teacher

The healing path seems to be a constant journey and I love it. So many lifetimes are filtered in, coupled with so many guides and helpers who gift me with love and support. I am deeply grateful for all of this! Finding the magic, the spirit and the love in life is what brings inspiration to me. Without this focus, life would certainly feel empty. This I know from experience...

I am very energetically sensitive, and in my younger years, this gift was challenging. I questioned life. Why did it have to feel so terrible? Why was everyone so horrible to each other? I was extremely depressed in my early twenties, but ventured out into the unruly world and studied Human Development at UC Davis. Even with all the new experiences around me, life still felt hollow. I could not find any meaning to it. Luckily in 1996, my senior year, I found my path. While studying Native American Art, my professor shared experiences about seeing spirits and feeling energies. I was brought back to memories of my childhood. I had experienced the things he was describing, but somewhere down the line, I lost my connection with it. After class one day, I spoke with my professor and he told me about a clairvoyant school close by. I began my meditation classes soon thereafter.  From then on, life started making sense.

After a year and a half of meditation and healing classes, I started the clairvoyant training program. Life became more and more sacred. The knowledge and practice gained from these classes gifted me with a new awareness of spirit. Spirit, in connection to everything, is what made sense to me; we are all connected and all truly one with our own individual flavor. Bringing in your light, your own unique frequency of divinity and love, into your own being and into life is what its all about. This is my healing passion and it feels extremely freeing and nurturing.

The healing gift of connecting with Source and Oneness has definitely taken time to cultivate. I needed to find the tools that would help me navigate all the energetic information I was receiving on subconscious levels. My energetic systems were patterned to receive information from everywhere, and it was too much for me. At some point, I absorbed everyone's pain and attracted all kinds of unwanted energies. Through meditation and energetic healing tools, I learned how to clear my energy systems. I also learned to control my patterns of desiring to heal everything I came into contact with, and most importantly, how to replenish my energetic systems. Now, I go straight to the Source of Love - the Source of Creation to meditate with and heal with. 

I am so grateful for the clairvoyant training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. The Santo Daime (a Shamanic Community from Brazil), the Reiki Master Teachers from New Zealand and the United States, and the many teachers from various methods of meditation and healing principles, I give my deepest gratitude. Each teaching has elevated or deepened my connection to Source energy. Tapping into this place of Oneness - the place of Love - and holding space for myself and others here is what brings wholeness and all the warmth and beauty to my life.

With over twenty-five years of spiritual and physical healing studies and many personal healing experiences (through life lessons of marriage, two beautiful children, divorce, new sacred unions and all the other things in-between), I still end up coming to the Center of Love from Source over and over again. People say that Earth is the school of 'hard knocks' and a place where our spirits truly feel. This rings true for me and returning to the connection of Source/Creation/Love, again and again, is what softens the scars and allows all the experiences to flow and grow into gems of wisdom. Bringing LOVE through our vessels and walking the Earth in this vibration as often as we can is the healing journey. This is where wisdom and wholeness is.

Nicole’s Healing Education: 

  • Human Development, B.S., UC Davis (1997)
  • Clairvoyant Healing Program of the Berkeley Psychic Institute (1997-1999), Teresa Von Braun (2007-2012), and my Sacred Circle community (2012-2021).
  • Reiki Master Teacher, Gina Allen, Nancy Eagle, and Denise Payne-Olivier (practicing in the Usui tradition since 2001)
  • Trained in Lay Midwifery from Jan Perrone (2003) and from La Casa de Nacimiento (2004) Certified Doula (2004)  
  • Nursing, B.S., Humboldt State University (2006)
  • Birthing my children (2006 and 2009)  
  • Feather Tapping, Balance Toe (2015) 
  • CranioSacral, Certified, Upledger in CST I, CST II, and SER I (2015-2017)
  • Innate Postpartum Care, Rachelle Garcia Seliga (2016)
  • Sound/Vibrational Healing, Crown of Eternity (2017)
  • Holistic Pelvic Care, Tami Lynn Kent (2017)
  • Embodiment of the Divine Feminine, John Wineland (2021)
  • Shamanic Breathwork, Star Wolf (2021, 2022)