Living In Alchemy, Class 1

Soul Gratitude

Living In Alchemy, Class 1

This is the first class of the Intuitive and Alchemical Healing Program, learning Clairvoyant and other Intuitive skills. Find out how to see, feel, hear, and know your energetic connections of the Chakras, Layers of the Aura, and the Quantum/Infinite Field. These are fundamental tools for healing, and expand deeply once you can follow threads of energies for connections, transmutations, expansion, clearing and more.

This class series is designed to teach you how to clear outdated and painful energies such as; something you are holding for someone else, trauma from childhood, or entities in your lineage, with intuitive tools. This increases the vibrancy and divine connection of your whole being throughout time and space when connected in the Infinite/Quantum Field. Feel the magic, and increase your joy and radiance through the connection of the class healing topics: Source/Love, The Earth, Your Divine Self, the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Union, and the Sacred Balance of All That Is.

This is a 7 class series, and is held every other week for 2.5 months. 

The group class is held on Zoom with a class instruction and guided meditation.

The One-on-One Mentorship is personalized to you with a one hour treatment relating to the content of the class, ensuring you embody the teachings deeply. 

Payment Plans Available.