Feather Essence Testimonials

How to bring my love and appreciation for Feather Essences into words?!

These aromatic and energetic medicines have been such a gift to me on my healing journey. I use them every single day, and love to give them as gifts. Each one offers support in a unique way - offering grounding, heart-opening, ancestral connections, higher perspective, protection, energy clearing...and so much more. They bring me into the remembrance of oneness and support.

I love to start each day feeling into which bird calls to me, and watch throughout the day the synchronicities that show up that align with that bird. The gifts these sweet medicines have brought me are endless. You can feel the love and intention Nicole brings to her work in every single one. Deep gratitude for these special medicines and for Nicole for dreaming them into being ♡



We have so much gratitude for our health, our home, and the ability to nurture our family right now. It is still stressful with all the changes in the news each day. Kids are also taking on this stress during this unprecedented time. In order to deal with some of the stress, my daughter and I started practicing yoga and meditation together.

We ordered Feather Essences from Soul Gratitude including Hummingbird, Hawk, Egret, and Owl. Our routine is to do 30-40 minutes of yoga and then meditate to one of Nicole’s meditations. Before meditating will choose a bird to honor and spray that essence on us. It has been a calm during this storm and so lovely to connect more deeply with my daughter.

Interestingly enough there are two beautiful Coopers hawks that frequent our backyard. My daughter and I have learned their calls and it is really amazing to feel connected to them. Feather essences helped us recognize and connect with these majestic birds that are all around us.

~ Evie and Katy