Your Inner Sage, Class One

Deepen your energetic awareness, experience ancestral healing, be connected through your Divine Love and embody your Higher Self. Learn how to infuse yourself with Source/Love in each layer of your energetic systems, from the physical to the etheric. Clear energetic blockages to relieve patterns of stagnation felt in your everyday activities. Each class will focus on a different energy center and physical attribute for connection, understanding, and healing.

This 8 class series is held in a group on Zoom with class instructions and guided meditations from 6:30-8:00pm (Pacific Time).

Alternatively, there is the option of one-on-one mentorship personalized for you with a one-hour treatment relating to the content of the class, ensuring you embody the teachings deeply

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Soul Gratitude

Your Inner Sage, Class One

Ready to discover your deep energetic healing wisdom? Your Inner Sage is the first class on the path of the Psychic Studies Program. Through the maps of your chakra system, support from the heart of the Earth and your 'Higher Self', and a deeper awareness of your body as pure energy, learn how to clear stagnation and pain, so you can feel your innate wisdom and radiance.

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