Energy Treatment For Your Pet

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Energy Treatment For Your Pet

Your pet's chakras and energetics may need cleansing and/or balancing. Our pets experience life through different sensory and energetic systems, but it is still life on Earth with big lessons for all. Also, our pets tend to take on our pain and grief to help us out. It is beautiful when we can help them release anything that may be dragging them down.

It is always an interesting experience working with animals, they have a very active sensory chakra, one I don't see active in humans. Also, their energetics are extremely sensitive, and they tend to shift and heal very quickly. 

If your beloved pet can use some extra support right now, sign up to talk over phone or zoom. I prefer communicating about your pet's healing with you.

All Pets Welcome!!!

The duration menu has an option for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

***All appointments times are in Pacific (California) Time***

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