Energy Healing, Long Distance

Soul Gratitude

Energy Healing, Long Distance

Sacred space will be created specifically for you, and we will talk about what is happening for you in life, what your intentions are, and begin looking at what your higher self is communicating to us. I will ask questions to get very clear on your healing intentions and guide you through some of the healing processes.

I am a clear and open channel that can see energetics from multiple aspects (physical, emotional, and other attachments and dimensions). My Nursing background, extensive Energetic Healing Studies, and various Physical Modality Studies have given me a broad perspective in offering a deep healing space.

Your body's organs and energy centers will show me what is ready for healing. Your inner child may come up for healing, or a lost part of you may ask to be reintegrated. Road maps I look into are how your energetics are relating on all levels and dimensions, what your chakras, aura, higher self, guides, the akashic records, the quantum/infinite field, the cells of your body, and your ancestral lines. Your divinity is always there guiding the process.

I am open to whatever you need to release and bring in for your highest good.

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