Nicole’s extensive background in nursing, energetic healing studies, and physical modality studies have given her a unique perspective and ability to create space for healing. Whether there is material, emotional, or other attachments and dimensions that hinder your healing, her ability to see energetics from multiple aspects and dimensions, will allow you to connect with your deepest self, bring clarity, and ultimately heal wounds.

Your body's organs and energy centers will show Nicole what is ready for healing. Your inner child may come up for healing, or a lost part of you may ask to be reintegrated. Whatever it is that needs healing, energy is at the center. Please keep in mind that your Divine Self is always there guiding the process.

***All appointments times are in Pacific (California) Time***

Soul Gratitude

Intuitive Energy Treatment

Whether your chakras need cleansing or balancing, or you're looking to become more spiritually integrated and clear, her questions help to identify your path towards healing by highlighting emotional, energetic, and physical obstructions. This integrated form of energy therapy will leave you feeling renewed with a greater sense of self-awareness, and lighter as your limiting beliefs and pains are removed. 

*** Please note: if you're purchasing more than 1 session, you only need to book the time for your first session today, and all appointment times are in Pacific (California) time***

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