Online Ceremonial Breathwork

Soul Gratitude

Online Ceremonial Breathwork

This ‘Breath of Life’ Ceremony activates our innate healing wisdom by creating biological responses and deeper levels of spiritual embodiment. Breathwork Ceremonies help us remove physical, emotional, and mental toxicity while providing a path for more self-discovery and deeper spiritual awakening.

The ceremonial breathwork journey is designed to guide us through the chakras, into our cellular makeup, and all different levels and aspects of ourselves. With the support of our breath, chakra activation music, distance energy healing, and the sacred container created for our ceremony, we are able to see the shadows of our psyches, heal core wounds, and retrieve aspects of ourselves that have been stuck; therefore reintegrating body, mind, and soul. 

We complete our Breathwork Ceremony with Art Integration, and by sharing with one another a piece of wisdom and/or healing we discovered on our journey.

Dates and times of the group online Ceremonial Breathwork TBA