The Womb and Your Vibrance

Why Womb Healing? 

The Womb is a powerful Portal that brings spirit into form. Most of our Wombs carry pain from longer than we can remember. As we heal and clear the pains of old, (ancestor healing, collective healing, lifetimes of healing, etc.), the Womb radiates more from an empowered place.

An Empowered Womb clearly resonates with Source Creation, Love, and connects there. It is time to empower our Wombs again so we can all radiate and manifest more Love into our lives, and into all that is. Our Wombs hold sacred space for ourselves, our families, our communities and all life.  We create the paradigm shift through our own empowerment.

Connecting women to their innate wisdom and healing power are one of my passions. My Womb Healing service has been developed and tailored through many training experiences over the past two decades. This includes Clairvoyant Training, Nursing, Midwifery, Mothering, Holistic Pelvic Care, Innate Postpartum Care, and CranioSacral Training. The ‘Medicine of the Pelvic Bowl’ is beyond any healer I have met, and it is inside of you. Tapping into, rebalancing, reweaving, reconnecting, and filling up your ‘Life Source Center’ will remind you of the force of nature you are, a sacred woman/womb-in. Whether you physically have your female reproductive anatomy or not, you always have the profound energetic imprint of the Womb - a portal designed to bring spirit into physical form. May we all manifest a spirit in the form of deep transformative healing, love and joy. As we heal ourselves, we heal each other.

Womb healing is easily integrated into both in person and long distance treatments.