Guidance for Using Feather Essences

Feather Essence Sprays and Anointing Oils embody the healing gifts of each bird and nature.  
Spray yourself before meditation, during energetic healings, to clear your space and any stagnation, and to simply support your day with an energetic ally boost.
Anoint yourself with one essence, or a combination of essences to soothe emotional pains, create growth, strengthen your energetic systems, and inspire your Being.
Remember to trust yourself when choosing which Feather Essences to work with, your intuition knows best.



Meditation and Healing Spray or Anointing Oil

Flicker is a heart opener and spiritual initiator. 

HEALING GIFT: Spiritual and heart-opening initiator. Purifies fear into Love, and heals all through Love. Deep connection with the rhythm and heart of the Earth and all its peoples. It connects to the rhythm of the multiverse, offering new growth and balance and gifts of gratitude for all things, big and small.

INGREDIENTS: Flicker Essence, Sacred Water from Mt. Shasta and Fern Canyon, Organic Vodka, and Medical Grade Essential Oils that include:

  • Fir - Nurturing
  • Vetiver - Grounding all energetic, spiritual, and physical bodies
  • Elemi - Inner feelings access, mood uplift and warming
  • Nutmeg - Warm, quiet, and soft stillness 
  • Linaloe - Courage and cosmic protection of Love

Flicker used with Hummingbird, eases heartache from breakups and any pains experienced while keeping your heart open. After using Flicker every day for over a week, your grounding connection deepens within the Heart of the Earth. You will feel very strong in your Heart Center and your Core Center. After feeling this, I would advise you to combine Owl with Flicker to heal energies throughout time and space, and to heal your ancestry heart wounds.



Meditation and Healing Spray or Anointing Oil

Egret is a sweet gentle healer, excellent with Balancing and bringing in Light. Egret is excellent for everyday use with each chakra bringing in the intention of balance.

HEALING GIFT: Manifesting from the highest reaches while maintaining complete grounding in balance and grace. A fast and gentle healer, and a teacher of patience and timing. 

INGREDIENTS: Egret Essence, Sacred Water from Mt. Shasta and Fern Canyon, Organic Vodka, and Medical Grade Essential Oils:

  • Cypress - Winds of adversity into Love and Clarity
  • Myrtle - Joy and Happy Deva from ancient days
  • Balsam Copal - Quieting the mind, peaceful energy field
  • Davana - Fast and gentle healer, awakening, aphrodisiac

Since Egret is a water bird, it is beautiful to work with for Womb HealingEgret Anointing Oil on your Womb (the energies of your Ovaries, Uterus, and Entire Pelvic Bowl) is deeply nourishing and restorative.



Meditation and Healing Spray or Anointing Oil

Hawk offers expansive Clarity. I love spraying Hawk to clear mental and emotional debris in meditation and healings. 

HEALING GIFT: Riding the ups and downs of energetic waves with grace, ease, and power. It has an expansive and detailed psychic vision that offers a direct connection with the Divine. It is an Extreme heart expander and offers clarity of every cell, layer and level. Offering fearless strength and wisdom of infinite truth, the hawk is one to look forward to. 

  • Buddha Wood - Energetic Protector and Inner Vision
  • Linaloe - Courage and Cosmic Protection of Love
  • Clove Bud - Chi Warmer and Preserver of your Being
  • Myrrh - Balancer of One's Spirit, and Balancer between the Ethereal and the Earth
  • Ginger - Courage, Confidence, Purification, Grounding, Warmth and Light
  • Balsam Copal - Quieting the mind

Hawk Anointing Oil is potent for the Solar Plexus and for the Kidneys and Adrenals. The Hawk brings in the energy of the Sun and clears away unwanted energies and chords.  The kidneys and adrenals work hard for our bodies all the time, and Hawk is an excellent support to their yang energies.

Egret and Hawk go very well together with balancing and clearing the chakras, and balancing and clearing the Masculine and Feminine energies of oneself.



Meditation and Healing Spray or Anointing Oil

Owl brings the ability to heal the unseen and unheard by moving throughout time and space. The Owl is appropriate when it comes to ancestor healing because it can penetrate deeply into that realm. I love using Owl, coupled with other Feather Essences to increase the energetic healing multi-dimensionally.

HEALING GIFT: Bringing insight into the dark (seeing and hearing what is unseen and unsaid). Gentle transformation through heart healing and wisdom guided downloads. It offers Ancestry access and has the ability to travel through the veils.

INGREDIENTS: Owl Essence, Sacred Waters from Mt. Shasta and Fern Canyon, Organic Vodka, and Medical Grade Essential Oils:

  • Lemon - Clear Vision
  • Douglas Fir - Nurturing
  • Elemi - Accessing the inner feelings, Warming, Uplifting
  • Palo Santo - Time Warp
  • Basil - Introspection and accessing other lifetimes. 



Meditation and Healing Spray or Anointing Oil

Hummingbird brings in infinite Joy and Blessings by finding the Nectar of Life. It can be used every day and all the time and lets us bring in more sweetness. Hummingbird increases the ability to receive all the goodness in life.

HEALING GIFT: Sweetly, lightly, deeply and joyously releasing the old and rebirthing the brilliant new. Infinite blessings from the Earth and the Far-Reaching Above.

INGREDIENTS: Hummingbird Essence, Sacred Waters from Mt. Shasta and Fern Canyon, Organic Vodka, and Medical Grade Essential Oils:

  • Violet - Gentle Love and New Life
  • Hyssop - Forgiveness, Let Go, and Violet Flame Connection
  • Tangerine - Inner Child and Joy
  • Geranium - Warm Love Protector
  • Sage - Gender Balancer, Clearing, and Grounding



Meditation and Healing Spray or Anointing Oil

Raven allows one to go deep into themselves as they bring the transformation of darkness into light. Raven's Magic is about transformation and finding where you can expand into Light. It assists you in finding your boundaries, your ability to manifest visions, and communication with the depths of the Spirit. Excellent for 3rd eye enhancement.

HEALING GIFT: Truth Speaker, Shadow or ‘blind spot finder’, deep-reaching and clearing. It has the Magical influences of transformation and boundaries, and helps you to go into the darkness to find the light. It is also an abundance creator.

INGREDIENTS: Raven Essence, Sacred Waters from Mt. Shasta and Fern Canyon, Organic Vodka, and Medical Grade Essential Oils:

  • Mugwort - Moves blocked energy, protects, and strengthens
  • Cinnamon - Protection, warming, uplifting
  • Cedar - Purifying and Spiritually Activating
  • Vetiver - Grounding all energetic, spiritual and physical bodies



Meditation and Healing Spray or Anointing Oil

The Eagle connects Heaven and Earth, while also creating and protecting sacred space. It can be used every day and all the time. Sprays for Meditation and Energetic Healing are subtle and potent where the Anointing Oil can be used behind the neck, on any energy center, and/or organ you wish to create sacred space, energetic healing, and protection for.

HEALING GIFT: Connecting Heaven and Earth, Expansion and Healing Light within one's Self, and the Self-connected to all. It enhances Strength, Courage, and Protection.

INGREDIENTS: Eagle Essence, Sacred Water from Mt. Shasta and Fern Canyon, Organic Vodka, and Medical Grade Essential Oils:

  • Ginger - Courage, Confidence, Purification, Grounding, Warmth and Light.
  • Frankincense - Celestial Opening and Ascension
  • Spruce (black) - Protection from entities and Calming
  • Sandalwood - Wisdom
  • Laurel Leaf – Courage


Feather Essence Creation

Feather Essences are created in balance with all of the elements (earth, water, fire and air), coupled with the masculine and feminine. A sacred fire is made to clear off any energetic impurities and offer gratitude for the wisdom of each bird. Distilled water and water from Mt. Shasta and Fern Canyon are added to a crystal vessel under a full moon and sun cycle day. 

The energy of each bird is called in during its own unique honoring ceremony. Each bird brings in its message of healing, and the water molecules essentially record the energetic vibrations. I, therefore, share the healing information that the birds show me during the ceremony. Being aware that so much healing and connection is present with each bird, your intuition and unique connection with the birds and their essences, as with all connections, will offer something in complete harmony with you.

Creating Feather Essences came to me through healing teachings and Spirit. Birds have shown me their healing gifts through a Therapeutic Healing Modality called Feather Tapping. Upon learning Feather Tapping and Flower Essence making, I had a great revelation during a morning meditation. That is when the information of recording the Birds’ Wisdom with the Consciousness of Water came in.

After this great revelation came to me, Eagle started appearing to me during my morning meditations for six months. Eagle would then pick me up and carry me to my greenhouse and fire pit. Here it would show me where and how to create the essences. Finally, I was guided to ask each bird’s spirit if they would want an essence made to use for healing purposes. Eagle, Hummingbird, Owl, Raven, Egret, Hawk and Woodpecker (Flicker) are the first birds to say "Yes".  I have gratitude for the Healing Spirits All-around and in us. I am grateful that I and We can listen to the Spirit and manifest more healing.

Feather Essence and its environmental consciousness.  Feather Essence is created from nature and is aware of the ecological footprints used in its creation and distribution. Glass bottles are used instead of plastic and all the ingredients used in Feather Essence are organic. The anointing oil base is organic sunflower oil, and the essence of the preservative is organic vodka. The essential oils are from the Wisdom of the Earth - which are made from a small batch of family farms that have been making conscious plant medicine for generations. Furthermore, all of the packaging is made from recycled sources.