Shamanic Breathwork, One-on-One

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Shamanic Breathwork, One-on-One

The One-on-One Shamanic Breathwork Ceremonies are created for people who would rather not be in a group field, and/or are wanting  individualized attention. These ceremonies are held my Arcata healing space Sundays - Wednesdays. Everything else is the same as a group container, we will take a deep dive together.

Activate Your Inner Healer and Your Alchemical Transformation with a Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony.

This ‘Breath of Life’ Ceremony activates our innate healing wisdom by creating biological responses and deeper levels of spiritual embodiment. Breathwork Ceremonies help us remove physical, emotional, and mental toxicity while providing a path for more self-discovery and deeper spiritual awakening.

The Shamanic Breathwork journey is designed to guide us through the chakras, into our cellular makeup, and all different levels and aspects of ourselves. With the support of our breath, chakra activation music, hands on energy healing, and the sacred container created for our ceremony, we are able to see the shadows of our psyches, heal core wounds, and retrieve aspects of ourselves that have been stuck; therefore reintegrating body, mind, and soul. 

We complete our Breathwork Process with Art Integration, a Sound Bath, and by sharing with one another pieces of wisdom and/or healing we discovered from our journeys. 

Shamanic Breathwork was created by Linda Star Wolf, and I am honored to call her my teacher and Guide. I am excited to grow more in this healing modality as it is a perfect synthesis of all the healing studies and life experiences so far. Here is more information about Star Wolf and her Lineage.

“Venus Rising and the Shamanic Breathwork Process were created by Linda Star Wolf in 1996. For more than 30 years Star Wolf has continued to study the lineages of: Integrative Breathwork, created by Jacquelyn Small; Holotropic Breathwork, created by Stanislav Grof; Rebirthing Breathwork, created by Leonard Orr, along with many other forms of altered states breathing/healing techniques. Star Wolf also received  a variety of teachings and transmissions of Wolf Clan Wisdom Teachings directly from Yeh-Weh-Node, Twylah Nitsch, her adopted Wolf Clan Grandmother. The Shamanic Breathwork Process draws upon each of these lineages, as well as other Ancient Shamanic Mystery School teachings.

Star Wolf 's personal and professional experience in the fields of psychological counseling and addictions, for more than 30 years, creates a solid foundation and safe container for the integration of Shamanic Breathwork and Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual principles.” - From the Venus Rising website