Energy Healing Mentorship

Soul Gratitude

Energy Healing Mentorship

Learn Intuitive Energy Skills to assist you in embodying more wisdom, love, brilliance and joy. Each session is designed from listening to your intentions and the messages of your higher self and body's wisdom.

The Energy Healing Mentorship offers skills in energetic balancing by learning intuitive tools and listening to your spirit, the energy of your body and body systems, and the energies all around us. Learning different ways of releasing old programs of grief, shame and pain, and transmuting them into programs of love and Soulful Embodiment is the play and practice of this mentorship. These are life skills found on less traveled paths, and well worth exploring deeply. Along with treatments and teachings, Mentees receive:

  • On going communication to check-in, set intentions, and to schedule your treatments.
  • Individual Intuitive Energy Healing Treatments (2 hours each each month).
  • Meditations, rituals, and more tools designed and assigned for your personal needs.

The energy exchange is $320.00 per month for 6 months. After 6 months is up, you can decide what your next step is. Another 6 months of support on this level, or something different.?

Seeing and feeling Angels and Energies as a young child gave me the knowing and awareness that spirits and energy are real. At age 22, I consciously stepped onto my spiritual and energetic healing path. This path and these connections to Spirit are what give me inspiration to truly live. Transmuting pain and anything not serving our highest good so we receive and embody more of our love is the premise for this mentorship and the healing work I provide. Being a human being can certainly be difficult, but when we bring in more of our inner wisdom and love, life becomes much more fulfilling and joyful. 

Offering sacred healing space and transformational experiences for people committed to their inner and outer growth, and witnessing the metamorphosis of the people I have connected with are profound blessings in my life. If you are feeling drawn to a spiritual and energetic healing mentorship and have questions, please call me (707) 498-3404.