In Person Treatment

Witnessing YOU, WHOLENESS, being all of your parts. 
Witnessing your body, medicine in a sacred vessel
Witnessing your spirit and all of its connections. The deep, sacred, and nurturing connections, and the connections ready to be peacefully released.
Witnessing what hurts you and the ability to transform and transmute the traumas into growth, understanding, strength and love. 
Listening to yourself and communicating with the INNATE WISDOM of your spirit and your body.
This is how I hold sacred space for you. 
You are truly the MEDICINE doing the healing.
I hold SACRED HEALING SPACE for you to BE it. 
The healing is YOU. 

Most one-on-one sessions involve creating a sacred healing space specific to you. It will include body drumming, rattling on your body, feathers on your body, and feather essence sprays before the hands-on healing begins. Hands-on healing is partnered with CranioSacral, Reiki, and whatever energy you and your guides call in for healing, listening to your body, seeing what your body and spirit tell me, and asking what next from your higher self. Treatments are usually formulated with sound healing and a closing blessing. 

Energetic and Intuitive Healing happens throughout time and space. As a result, long-distance healings are similar to one-on-one healing experiences.