Sacred Sites Healing Retreat In Southern England, August 6th - August 14th

Soul Gratitude

Sacred Sites Healing Retreat In Southern England, August 6th - August 14th

Ready to connect deeply with the spirit of the land, the energies of your physical and spiritual lineages, and the magic and mysteries of Ancient Sacred Sites?
Join me on a Spiritual Healing Adventure in the nurturing land of Southern England.

This Sacred Sites Healing Retreat is inspired by a trip my children and I took last summer in Southern England. I was amazed by the instantaneous connection with the Nature Spirits of the land. When I first arrived, feet barely touching the ground, the spirits of the land practically screamed their welcome. I immediately became misty eyed and filled with love. This land feels like home. I can feel the resonance of my ancestors, and so many soulful experiences flood in from other timelines. Southern England and the Ancient Sacred Sites create an easeful and soulful empowerment container where mysteries and magic become clear and real, this is what I want to hold space for during our time together.

We will fly into London and make our way to Cornwall where we will spend our last days of the retreat and depart from. Most of our days will be spent in Glastonbury and Cornwall, but we will spend time at both Stonehenge and Avebury.

Each participant will receive:

  • Mini Psychic Readings, Energy Treatments, and Attunements throughout the retreat.
  • Informative and soulful tours.
  • Guided meditations to connect with the ancestors of the land, and from your physical and spiritual lineages.
  • Intentional journeys to connect with the magic and gifts of the Sacred Sites.
  • A Breathwork Journey to connect deeper with your inner wisdom, the energies of the land, and the energies of the Sacred Sites.
  • And, more from the Blessed Mysteries waiting for us. 

Accommodations, travel while in England, tours, intuitive readings, energy treatments, meditations, journeys, breathwork, and sacred circle processing time are all included in the price of the retreat.

Air travel and food are not included in the cost of the retreat. Most of the time we will stay in accommodations with a kitchen so people with food sensitivities can keep their bodies feeling vibrant.

The Beings of the land, our Ancestral Connections, and our Soulful Connections are available with ease at the Sacred Sites and around Southern England. I am incredibly excited to be with a group of intentional women held in a sacred container woven with love for the land, adventure, healing connections, deep insights, and empowerment.