Soul Gratitude


Holding Sacred Space for you to open up in Divinity. Everything in life is sacred, and that is how you are held during the psychic reading. I love to hear what is going on in your life, and you are welcome to ask questions that have been bouncing around in your mind.

The focus of the reading will be on you. How your energetics are relating on all levels and dimensions. What are your chakras, aura, higher self, guides, the akashic records, the quantum/infinite field, the cells of your body, and whatever else comes through communicating?

I am a clear and open channel that can see energetics from multiple aspects (physical, emotional, other attachments and dimensions).  I love to do healing work; for example, transmuting pain into divine light and wisdom, and clearing cords that drain your energies in a respectful way.  However, I will always ask your permission if I am feeling drawn to do energetic healing, and if this is something you would rather not happen, I am respectful of what you are comfortable with.

Looking forward to sharing sacred psychic space with you.