Words of Gratitude for Nicole


I received my first healing from Nicole a year after I had my first miscarriage. I had been trying to get pregnant again, but was holding onto feelings of loss, sadness, fear and anxiety. Nicole intuitively knew I had unfinished business and talked me through the healing process. Within a month I was pregnant again and now have a beautiful son. A few years later, after three more miscarriages, I had another healing session with Nicole. Through her gentle guidance I was able to recognize how issues from my past were affecting my ability to hold another pregnancy. Again, within the month of her healing, I got pregnant and am expecting a little girl soon. During my treatment Nicole created a safe loving atmosphere in which I felt completely supported. I felt calm and confident after my sessions with her. I truly believe that through Nicole’s healings I was able regain mental, emotional and spiritual balance, allowing my body to welcome and nurture a baby. I’m so grateful and will absolutely seek her services again. 



I saw immediate results with my first energy session with Nicole. She was able to effectively help me in one session with issues that I had been working on (and had other energy workers work on) for years! It was so nice to get wonderful results so immediately! I would highly recommend utilizing Nicole for any issue, whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical or mental. I would also recommend her for the whole family...from children on up. Be proactive and schedule a session with Nicole to get your life going the way that it should be! 



I have had a few healings with Nicole throughout my life. She always brings the most incredible energy and wisdom to whatever journey we are taking together. When we have done our in-person healings or readings, she makes the space feel safe and warm. I always feel the same safety in our long-distance calls, even though she is not physically there to hold me in sacred space. Nicole is powerful. Her insights bring clarity and peace, and I leave the sessions in a trance, like I’m floating on a cloud of knowing. I am so grateful to have Nicole in my life, she is a true blessing!