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What to Expect from your Free Consultation

In your free energy healing consultation with Nicole, you will speak on the phone for roughly 10 minutes. Nicole will ask you some questions about who you are, your reason for coming (what needs healing), and what alternative healing practices you tried previously. Nicole's questions will help her determine if she is able to help you. From there, with the remaining time, you may ask any lingering questions about the process. It is entirely up to you to decide if you want to move forward with booking an energy healing session. Your consultation is not consent to purchase whatsoever. It is simply a way for both you and Nicole to learn more about each other. 
Please note that Nicole cannot help everyone with every issue. Some things require a different approach. Nicole is honest about this because she wants to make sure that you actually see/feel/experience noticeable results from your energy healing sessions. Also note that Nicole neither promises a cure for anything nor does she treat life-threatening illnesses or diseases. Her desire is to help everyone, but not everyone responds to this type of healing. 

What to Expect from your Energy Healing Session


"..she helps the depressing, dark, fog stay away."

I was young, fit, and very active, but I was suffering from extreme fatigue. It felt like I was starting to go down a hole that had no way out, and I was miserable. After consulting with every kind of doctor imaginable, taking all the supplements, and filling myself with coffee, and none of those things working! I knew that I had to do something different, something that sounded "out there" for me. When i found Nicole I knew in the first session with her that this was going to help. It's not that Nicole gave me a cure or that everything is perfect now, but things are SO MUCH BETTER. The tools that she gives me in each session help me take on each day, one at a time, and I don't know how to explain it but she helps the depressing, dark, fog stay away. I'm so thankful for Nicole and recommend her to everyone I know. - Christian DiBiase

"So much clarity and freedom to move forward."

WOW! I found Nicole "randomly" (though I truly do not believe it was random) through a Google Search. I was craving an energy session and the person to whom I was recommended was not available for a few weeks. I knew as soon as soon as I landed on her Google result, she was the person for me. :) Booking the remote session was easy, and she emailed me prior to the scheduled time so she could better understand my current situation. As soon as the session started, I knew it was going to be powerful. Nicole's calm demeanor put me at ease immediately. She was able to confirm the direction in which I am heading and help release deep-rooted beliefs that were holding me back. So much clarity and freedom to move forward. If you are looking for a moving energy session, I highly recommend Nicole! She's amazing! - A. Walker

Call 707-498-3404 for your Free Consultation